Renault Kangoo ML19 Freeway DCI70 diesel van 2010

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Renault Kangoo ML19 Freeway DCI70 diesel van 2010

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After a repair a few years back when the condenser was replaced and happily working, my air con has failed on the van.

Returned the van to the same repair workshop and they diagnosed a failure in the high pressure line from the dryer to the firewall area, cost £400. I intend to try and repair this myself by firstly finding the point of failure and see how bad it is and try to repair using an 18mm union or pipe repair wrap.

I purchased an air con recharge hose and gauge and although I am aware that most of this Chinese manufactured items are junk it could do the job for a pressure test and determine if the job is worth pursuing. The main problem I am having is finding a conversion fitting to take me from red(high side) to blue(low side on the recharge hose). I have a conversion fitting from 1/2" Acme to 1/4" SAE for the other end of the recharge hose for air from my compressor(pressure test). My van has only one pressure inlet on the air con system and is 18mm(red) R134a quick connect, are most other Renaults of this era the same?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome
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