The Pickled Egg Cringe Box

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The Pickled Egg Cringe Box

Post by mickthemaverick »

I came across this youtube track by accident when looking for the Jim Reeves original. It is so bad that it has only managed 384 views in 10 years with no comments! It ocurred to me that there must be lots of youtube videos that are truly terrible but where, and this is the point, the artist obviously thinks they are good enough to make the video in the first place. So as thread starter I am imposing an across the board ban on anything which has been taken from a TV show of any sort, just home made videos where it is clear that the artist is misguided!! So what have you got? :-D

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Re: The Pickled Egg Cringe Box

Post by myglaren »

Not someone I listen to and this demonstrates why.
She may look lovely and seems to be a nice person but that is as far as it goes.