Which Key C3 2010

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Which Key C3 2010

Post by Okrewge »

Hi everyone!

My in-laws have a broken remote key and the dealer was of no help (didn't do what was asked to begin with), so I was wondering whether I could fix it by buying a cheap remote from China and reprogram it myself. I was wondering if it is ASK or FSK or something and if someone might give me clear answer. I have the VIN-number. Gathering from what I've read here, I'm assuming it'll be the ASK keys.

I had a problem with my car keys as well (Audi A6 2002), dealer asked 280 euros, with some searching on YouTube I reprogrammed my keys myself in just one minute. They wanted to charge me a new key, a new remote, and service for programming.

Anyways, many thanks in advance!