Cold one side

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Cold one side

Post by PUG407FV09 »

Hi all

My 407 has the dreaded cold one side problem (drivers side) I have changed the flap motor and still no luck. The flaps work fine and the shaft is not broken. When I connected the new motor and adjust the temperature it does not move at all. Even before it’s bolted back on. I presume electrical fault?

The Haynes manual shows temp sensors but these are not there on my 09 407.

The car was stood for two weeks and this has happened before and it corrected itself, but now it seems to want to remain freezing.

Any ideas please?

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Re: Cold one side

Post by Xrpdiesel »

Hi sounds like its the actual flap inside the heater box is broken. If you take off the grill / trim at the top center of the dash & look down in to the heater box you should be able to see it moving when adjusting the position? if not moving thats your issue... you can buy a kit to repair it.
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