308 problems, garage say timing chain, help please

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308 problems, garage say timing chain, help please

Post by Davidwood »

So I have a 2008 308 1.6THP 150BHP 65000 miles The car has a very rough idle and is very underpowered. Some items this is worse than others and sometimes the idle settle down at about 1000rpms but most of the time it jumps between 700-900 rpms and sometimes stalls. There is water getting into the drivers footwell and seems to have been water getting into the engine bay. Fuse F1 and F10 are only reading 10.5 volts whereas the battery reads 12.6. All the codes are for a lean condition.

The garage had the car 4 weeks and at first said it was the throttle body but now say the timing chain has jumped. But if it was the timing chain wouldn’t it be a permanent problem instead of getting better or worse? Some of the other fuses do looked scorched but are intact.

Anyone got any idea what could be going on? Or what direction to head in?
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Re: 308 problems, garage say timing chain, help please

Post by xantia_v6 »

The voltages that you mention are certainly worth investigating.

It is difficult to judge from here whether the timing has slipped, it is not unusual with these engines, particularly an early one if it still has the original chain and tensioner.

Has the garage actually checked the timing?