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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

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Bilkob wrote:
10 Mar 2018, 11:29
Being sold by a lovely guy by the name of Jim.....

Of course :) All those of us called Jim are lovely ;)

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

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Tadhg Tiogar
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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

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wurlycorner wrote:
02 Mar 2018, 12:14
....Let's just say that the former owner was very 'eccentric' and didn't win too many fans in the area... It was probably his wish to be buried on his land and... Well I can envisage it's possible either no undertaker was involved, or he was a bit 'moody' :lol:
You can be buried on your own land if, I think, you have notified the local council and the grave is not near any water sources. Realistically I think you would need to have the grave properly brick or stone-lined to try to minimise contamination of the soil as decomposition sets in. Some French cemetery vaults - particularly family ones - seem to be lined in that way - don't ask me how I found out. You still need an undertaker to help prepare the body, though, even if you are going to be providing your own coffin and arrangements.

I hardly imagine that the presence of the dead is going to be a selling point if the property is going to be sold on in the future, though! Did you know the grave was there when you were lining up to buy the property, or do you merely rent it?

The only mention of a "Peter Andrew Haigh" I could find was in the Companies House records - and that one was listed as a Director of a now dissolved motor engineering company in Huddersfield.

Highly entertaining thread, BTW. It's a brave man who can accumulate that many CXs and get them all running somehow. Wish I could drive my GTi over and have a drool, but I've got to get the auto gearbox slip sorted out - it's only recently started doing this at about 1750 rpm in first and occasionally second range, and the fluid level readings are suspect because the gearbox dipstick appears to go "dry" when the car is warmed up.

I've put about half a litre of fresh Dexron III into the box, but I think it'll need a bit more than that :roll: . I also have a bottle of Lucas Oil's "Auto Transmission Fix" which hopefully won't do any harm when I pour it in.....

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

Post by gtiturbos »

My gosh, C222 EUR still exists!!! I'm guessing you haven't had the time to take out the engine and replace or rebuild it? Something was amiss in the bottom end; I was measuring oil temperatures of 130-135 degC after 20-30 mins of 50-80mph driving........ (I placed a long thermocouple down the dipstick tube, connected to a digital reader)

Best wishes, Gerry Dennigan

wurlycorner wrote:
05 Feb 2018, 20:12
They're finds - in that although I parked them up there, it's been about 3-4 years since I last saw them... But I have found that they are still there!

Metallic blue S1 GTi T1 in front, ex Gerry Dennigan (if any members on here remember him and if I've spelt that correctly...) ABS and Air-Con, non-sunroof.
Metallic Grey S2 T1 GTi Turbo in rear, ex my dad. ABS no-air con or sunroof;

And hiding under there is a metallic green S1 GTi T1. Non-ABS, Non-Air-con but dreaded sunroof.

I had been planning to go over for some time, but not yet managed it. My hand is now being forced however, as I will be losing the space and need to get them moved. Alternative accommodation is one problem, getting them running so they can be moved is obviously another!
So after seven hours on Sunday, result is as follows;

Metallic Blue S1 GTi T1 = after purging lots of fuel I got it running (on two cylinders :roll: ) alternator completely seized (leaking thermostat housing onto an alternator that has run about 2 miles since I had it overhauled :evil: ) but suspension pumps up great, no leaks and tyres hold air. So that one can probably be moved ok but I really need to get it on 4 cylinders tbh. Alternator removed for repair.

Metallic Grey S2 GTi T1 = god knows what has happened to the starter motor. Absolutely nothing from it when jumped directly. No click, no current draw, nothing. So that's gonna have to come off. Couldn't face that horrendous job on the day so left it for next visit. One tyre refuses to hold air and the rad (that I had re-cored about 15 years ago) is leaking :roll: No further mice damage to the wiring than the last time I saw it had been ravaged, fortunately. Obviously no idea what will happen when suspension pumped up.

Metallic Green S2 GTi T1 = had it running, briefly. It will run while the cold start injector fires but dies when that times out. Pretty sure the fuel is stale and having tipped a gallon in still wasn't enough to mix it into usable state. Need to flush out all the old fuel and then refill with new and try again. Airs seem to hold air. Didn't have it running long enough to pump up the suspension so no idea on this one either. Hopefully ok because I replaced a lot of pipes before laying this one up, but.... 8-[

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

Post by ONMBDM »

Awrrhh even under a cover you'd recognise her a mile off! What a smexy find!

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

Post by dave_xsara »

Belfast reg on the one too.
Those are nice cars. Recently watched Tyrrells workshop on you tube so an overview of these cars. He has a lovely example of one.

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

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Hand on, didn't realise the time stamps on these. How are these cars now?

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Re: Iain's Barn Finds

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A before and after pic would be great after you fully reawaken them!