C4 Grand Picasso, Semi auto Actuator +ECU

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C4 Grand Picasso, Semi auto Actuator +ECU

Post by bootneck »

Hi Guys, got a 2010 C4 Grand Picasso. 1.6 i have a problem with my semi auto box. It Does not engage A1 all the time. one minute ok the next no. No problem with Reverse, i have to use Reverse to get the brakes off. if i roll forward a few feet , the gearbox engages in A1. Been to Citroen garage and have done diagnostics , they say it's to do with the Actuator or ECU. But they can't be sure. the want a lot money to fix something, that might not work. Then they will want more money. Anyone got any ideas.

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Re: C4 Grand Picasso, Semi auto Actuator +ECU

Post by GiveMeABreak »

That's the case and the truth - these piloted manual systems are a pain when they go wrong and invariably expensive to fix. Essentially the gearbox and clutch are similar to a manual, with just the clutch and gearbox actuators doing the work. But finding the issue can be time consuming and subsequently expensive because of the labour - not to mention the parts.