Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

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Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

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The French Car Forum does not endorse any company, but the following has been provided to us as one such service provider that is offering a 10% discount to FCF members.
Airbag Team Ltd

We are Europe’s largest specialist supplier of genuine new and pre installed automotive airbags and related components.
We are able to supply, repair and fit on site at our head office in Rotherham should you require fitting.
We supply all airbag and safety related items including;
  • Dashboards
  • Passenger airbags
  • Driver steering wheel airbags
  • Knee airbags
  • Curtain / Roof airbags
  • Bonnet Airbags
  • Seat Airbags
  • Seat belts

We also offer repair services on your seat belts for multiple issues such as;
  • Slow releasing
  • Sticking or jamming
  • Cut, frayed or torn
  • Collision/accident locked

If you have an airbag light on, there will be codes stored in the vehicles Airbag control module (ECU) – We also offer an ECU reset service to clear the module of its codes.
Repair items and ECU’s can be posted in to us, repaired and posted back out to you without the need to visit our premises!
Save yourself a fortune on main dealer prices!

Get your 10% off today and call our team on 01709 257357 using the code “FRENCH10”