Audio upgrade for wireless streaming Citroën C5 X7

This unit is the RD4 or RD45 system, made by Continental.
Usually standard equipment unless another system is specified as an option. There are Single & Dual Tuner versions. RD45 features over the RD4: The RD45 has USB connectivity & integrated Bluetooth module supporting Phone & Audio Streaming.

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Audio upgrade for wireless streaming Citroën C5 X7

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I’m new here. I hope this is the tight place as my local Citroën forum in Denmark where I live are closed. So hello to all of you.

So this is it. My dad died. Time has gone. And I’m now driving his car. And what a nice drive this is. A C5 X7 from 2008. It has originally fitted RD4 radio with bluetooth telephone and steering wheel buttons to control.

I wanted to upgrade to bluetooth streaming. I searched and read, and come to the conclusion that I needen the RD45 unit for this. So I found several on eBay in Britain fairly around £100. I chosed a seller which had several listing and offered vin programming and asked if the radio would ADD-on streaming to my original features and he replied that the unit was no good for my make and model. Much confused.

Can someone clarify. I have lexia too. NOT a superuser though...

I’m also unsure if I need a screen and maybe others from a newer model. Mine is the black and orange one. The small screen in the dash that is..

What does it need ? Is it possible ? If not can it add-on a aux input the original RD4? All the connections on the original are in use, probably for phone and steering controls i guess.

All help much apreciated.
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Re: Audio upgrade for wireless streaming Citroën C5 X7

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There are a few variants of the RD4 and RD45.

There are some capability variations, with single and dual antennas for different models and specification of cars, and there are different front panels, some being wider than others.

Many of the RD45s on the market have come from the far east where they have been stripped out of cars which are having the audio upgraded to something else, and as vehicle specifications are a little different in those markets, some variants RD45 are easy to find and some much more difficult.

If you can find an RD 45 with a front panel of the correct width with the correct plastic colour andd the correct number of antenna inputs, it should be OK for you car. If you post your VIN, Marc should be able to tell you exactly what your car currently has, which will simplify the search a little.
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Re: Audio upgrade for wireless streaming Citroën C5 X7

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Ok, so from your description, it sounds like you have a basic RD4 system and additionally a hands free audio unit that is fitted behind the dash. It is this 'Nomad' unit that handles the bluetooth phone calls and also the Emergency calling (if you have the Citroen chevrons button and the SOS emergency buttons on the central fascia. This Nomad unit has the GSM aerials built into it, so no roof aerial cabling required.

So you will likely need to change your RD4 for an RD45 unit if you want audio streaming - but your screen may be ok, as most C5 X7s already have the EMF type 'C' screen display installed. It may be a matter of whether the software is up to date enough though. or whether you need a newer display screen.

Anyway, once we have your VIN, I can determine if what I have said above is correct in relation to your car.