Stolen Peugeot recovered

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Stolen Peugeot recovered

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Police have found a Peugeot 104 that was stolen 38 years ago (it was four years old when stolen), and will be returning it to the original owners. However, it is not in a great state; ... spartanntp
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Re: Stolen Peugeot recovered

Post by Stickyfinger »

Looks like the total shed that parked next to me at the S-market today.....I bet it even smells better that the two "things" that walked past my open window !
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Re: Stolen Peugeot recovered

Post by Zelandeth »

Hard to tell from a handful of tiny photos, but I'd have expected a lot worse given those circumstances!
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Re: Stolen Peugeot recovered

Post by darbuck »

Jassuss that's nuts a lot less rust than you would expect but probably gone past restoration.
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Re: Stolen Peugeot recovered

Post by van ordinaire »

At the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year was a traction engine that had been in (under?) a river for 50 years, after it had been pushed there to reduce the erosion of the bank.

Considering that flooded cars are generally considered write-offs, that Pug looks like an interesting prospect - though I doubt the interior's as good as it looks.
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