Halfords discount

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Halfords discount

Post by RichardW »

I know we most wouldn't darken their door, but Halfords are currently doing 3 for 2 on AC products. Just ordered 2 cans of refrigerant, and a dispensing hose / gauge - and essentially got the hose (£20) free.

C4 Picasso could do with a refill, and the AC doesn't work on the 307 - I want to see if there is any pressure at all left in it.
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Re: Halfords discount

Post by p2lexy »

DON'T DO IT !! A/C should never just be topped up with a can........if it's full of air.....thats a contaminant......it needs vacuuming properly first. I've seen a £1000 damage caused by these cans. If you haven't the tools for the job(cost £1500 upwards), or the knowledge(iv'e just shared some) pay someone to do it properly.......or give the 'can' money to charity :)
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Re: Halfords discount

Post by steelcityuk »

Great way of buying 'cheap' refrigerant for use with a A/C service machine.
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Post by waynedance »

Trade price on 13.3kg of refrigerant is approx £55 +vat...