Did Anyone See Janes Car ?

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Did Anyone See Janes Car ?

Post by ACTIVE8 »

Has anyone seen a certain programme which featured a car which is of interest to us?

Also did you think the car was portrayed fairly?

It's interesting to see that they used a classic car to make a statement.

Here's some links to Janes' car.

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Sadly it appears that further to what is seen in link one, that the new series has changed, and now there is no more DS.

So what made them change it, yes the character has moved on, I have ended up now watching it as CSI has now ended up running its course, and getting dropped by the networks.

The thing is the DS is what made the character of Jane in The Mentalist stand out, and it should have stayed, after all Columbo was made for years, and they kept the Peugeot in it that he drove for a very long time.

The car that looks like a family car, but has special secret hidden abilities.