306 d turbo advice

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306 d turbo advice

Post by ZXturbo_Aura » 31 Aug 2004, 04:30

bit of background...bought a new clio 1.4 16v 2 weeks ago and its broken down 5 times so far so its going back 2moro for good. i used to have a ZX TD and loved it, but as im only 17 the insurance is quite high so a 306 TD seems a viable option. would a 1996 d turbo be ECU controlled or will that still be mechanical? i've had enough of ecu's and like to DIY most things! also do all d turbos use the lucas fuel system?
thanks for the info in advance

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Post by rossd » 31 Aug 2004, 13:57

A 1996 car will be mechanical injection. Only the HDi's had fully electronic ignition. The fuel system will be either Bosch or Lucas, it doesnt matter really, they are both as good, although the Bosch lasts longer at higher mileages.

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Post by Seamster15 » 03 Sep 2004, 19:07

Why would the 306 td be less to insure than the zx td...? they are the same car...

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Post by rossd » 06 Sep 2004, 01:36

Well mechanically yes, but otherwise not! 306TD is insurance group 5, ZX is a lot higher.