How to kill a Rover 214?

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Post by philhoward » 01 Jul 2004, 23:46

I wish it was...The service is now well overdue (1k miles and climbing), and it's sounding less healthy by the day, with me not doing anything special (apart from the odd thrash from cold).
I'm still thinking about which pin of the ECU to "spike", following the water-less thrashing, or would 24V applied to the lot do sufficient damage (alternator, ECU the lot) following it's "death"? I like the 24V idea myself...any comments?

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Post by PowerLee » 02 Jul 2004, 00:02

On the ECU there should be a black rubber tube pushed on the side.
Pull this tube off & get a high pressure airline & blow the air into the ECU where the tube was.
This will kill the MAP sensor & because its inside & part of the ECU ( Nice one Rover! ) Its an expensive replacment time.


Post by philhoward » 02 Jul 2004, 00:34

Air lines aren't normally found in lay-by's...will a tyre compressor do instead? LOL!!!

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Post by np » 16 Jul 2004, 01:38

Any news Phil???

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Post by arry_b » 16 Jul 2004, 02:08

Yeah! We want to know!

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Post by James.UK » 16 Jul 2004, 20:21

Does a box of matches bring any ideas to mind?


Post by philhoward » 17 Jul 2004, 01:54

This sodding car needs a's the worlds only K series Rover to survive the following:
1) Leaving the service till 3000 miles overdue
2) Boiling over and proving that it is Vulcan (Green lifeblood aka antifreeze all over car park).
3) Last over 200,000 miles
The boiling over took 3 days or driving with the cooling fan fuse removed...(have to be subtle..)
Just managed to destroy a windscreen, but that doesn't count as it was an insurance jobber...
I'll have to leave it a few days and try again...will keep the jump pack in the car (has a compresor built in...) to "fry" a couple of sensor outputs...
Tried the driving through flood joy. The diesel ones suffer that way..

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Post by XM-V6 » 17 Jul 2004, 16:28

sale it on a palestina

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Post by np » 05 Aug 2004, 02:06

Still going???[:D][}:)][:(!]

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Post by fastandfurryous » 05 Aug 2004, 20:59

surely it can't still be alive?
Die rover, DIE!


Post by philhoward » 06 Aug 2004, 03:23

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by np</i>

Still going???[:D][}:)][:(!]
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
Alas, yes.....[V] It's been a while since its last "hiccup", so time to try something else... [:D]
ECU frying, here we come...

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Post by lhm_leak » 06 Aug 2004, 06:31

How about just slackening off the oil filter, or maybe split the seal so it looks like a filter failure? Then go out and have a good thrash...

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Post by fastandfurryous » 06 Aug 2004, 14:34

from memory, the gearbox on those models is none too cheap, and removal and refitting is a nice long job... a rather nasty gearbox leak (like no drain plug fitted) and a hoofing down the road could well cause some welded gears...
going back to crash damage, (as mentioned before) a good smack on a rear quarter, taking out the panel, the lamp cluster, bumper, tailgate and a good bit of glass should surely put it over the £1k mark? Or, going for the "slightly less likely to injure yourself" option.. a good scrunch all the way down one side, taking out front bumper, headlamp, wing, both doors, rear wing, lamp cluster and bumper? There's a roundabout near here that this sort of accident happens about once a week.. people don't seem to understand that a ROUNDabout means you have to go ROUND it..!

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Post by bxbodger » 06 Aug 2004, 19:34

Unfortunately, contrary to popular opinion, these cars are pretty good, and quite hard to destroy- they are based on a Honda, and if it's Honda engined, and not K series, then your task will be nigh on impossible..... and the Diesel ones had an XUD engine, and walnut dash as well[:)]
Perhaps your solution lies in entering one of those novelty rallies- I was watching one on sky, or discovery, or one of those oddball channels, which involved crossing the Sahara in a car bought for less than £200.
There was a nice BRG Rover 214 entered, which made it to the middle of Mali, or somewhere equally as grim, when its clutch broke up and it was abandoned, after being sprayed with "embreyage mort"- the cost of AA/RAC recovery would well exceed £1000-00!!!
There was also a 2CV which appeared to be breaking in half, but I never saw the end so I don't know if it finished or not.

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Post by paranoid » 10 Aug 2004, 01:36

Loosening the oil filter a tadd works well, slow death, lots of smoke as well but you may get the guy who serviced it the sack.
Flat out in second with the fan fuse out could be spectacular (top hoses make an immpressive pop)
If it has got the honda engine and has been serviced at even half the recommended distances you have no hope.!!!!!! My 416 still lives after years of trying.