I am officially stupid.....

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I am officially stupid.....

Post by old'uns »

....and should know better by now.
minor mishap today after a journey that should have taken 1.5 hrs took 3.5 hrs, M1 nightmare around MK , got asked to move my car from under a canopy where working
on 2 trailers to the other side. so i drive round a support stanchion, think i'll swing round a bit more & bang!!!
cue one flat tyre,a car moving nowhere & water dripping out.....


never spotted the Steel ramp which stops trailers reversing too far :oops:
suspension raised, spare on, and drove off without the aid of a Forklift, good 'ol Hydraulics :)
few more bits of broken undertray, side skirts and flattened sills to go with the other damage, and it would appear the water was only from behind the side-skirts

the only good news from this is I may, just may, have had the nod to consider the '59 V6 HDi from another tread =P~
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Re: I am officially stupid.....

Post by CitroJim »

Sorry to hear of your mishap :( A lesser car wouldn't have got away with that!

What was the nightmare on the M1 near MK then? I live near J14 and I'm unaware totally :roll:

Never knew they were making the V6 HDi in 1959 :wink: :lol:

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