Lego supercar and 4x4 trial truck

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trial truck
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Lego supercar and 4x4 trial truck

Post by jovlem »

I want to show my technic Lego models. Normaly I only show my models on lego forums, but I also like to know what people think who aren't Lego-related. So what do you think:

4x4 trial truck
-fully remotely controlled
-v8 piston engine
-3 link live axle suspension

As you can see in the video it can climb nearly everything:

Technic supercar
-v12 engine
-5 speed + reverse gearbox
-independent suspension on all wheels

So what do you think of both models? And do you like the videos? What do you think I can improve?
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Post by addo »

Pyrex cylinder heads FTW! :P
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Post by red_dwarfers »

That is seriously cool 8-)
So do you buy kits to build specific vehicles or is there a degree of customisation?
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Post by Deanxm »

i can remember my dad having one of these lego cars with the working steering and a headless V8 engine when i was about 5 i guess, it lived on top of his wardrobe and i spent every waking hour trying to get my hands on it :lol: .

recently i have been thinking about a toy i had, ive seen a few on ebay and ive been wondering if i should get one again, im not sure what for though :?