not car related but, cleaning print heads

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Post by Xaccers »

Being a bit of a photographer I tend to print quite a bit. The replacement inks for the HP were around £30 if memory serves, but again 5 A4 pages and they'd run out.
Likewise when my ex bought one of those 6x4 printers, because she thought it would be cheaper than getting them printed properly, and it worked out so expensive.
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Post by dnsey »

You can make you own cleaning carts - just refill empy ones witha mixture of IPA and ammonia solution.
As for the price of ink, buy a bulk ink system - not expensive, and running costs area fraction of individual carts.
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Post by Kowalski »

I like my 10 year old epson. It needs no drivers for windows and a set of cartridges costs less than £4 delivered...
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Post by KP »

Rachels a teacher and goes through ink and paper like its going out of fashion so making it last important as she can go through a few 1000 in a month sometimes :( poor trees i guess but it had to be wireless as well and the scanner and capacity of the tray makes life a lot easier as trays with 150sheets don't last long, i mean one night as well here, so having one that takes 500 makes life a lot easier :) plus the carts have lasted a while and i always wait until the color doesn't match (ie one cart is out) as the gauges are usually way off i have found but will see how this new one goes as its lasted since before the summer which bodes well :)
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One tip to stop print heads drying out on the likes of Epsons with separate heads/tanks is to leave it on stand by and not switch it off... it also saves on the Epson at least ink as it misses out the process of the priming the heads each time you switch on.

The downside obviously is the cost of the electricity but it must be cheaper than the price of a new printer and ruined ink tanks for those who don't use the printer a lot.
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Post by myglaren »

Mine is left on all the time.
It's in my bedroom, hooked up to the desktop machine.

Very often it will wake up at 3am and do a self-check and head clean.

Scared me rigid the first couple of times it did it.