Citroen's save lives - including pets!

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Citroen's save lives - including pets!

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Poor little dog. Its hard to believe that went through the grills into the bumper in the first place. Its a good job the C4s build quality is a little suspect!
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Not at all sure that that is kosher!
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Wow, must tell my grandmother her C4 is dog friendly!
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myglaren wrote:Not at all sure that that is kosher!
That was my initial reaction but after watching it three times, I feel confident it's genuine. It's also since been confirmed this is not the first PSA car to reported as having "collected" a dog in it's grill. ... _large.jpg
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So do these "pedestrian friendly" high front end designs now mean there's
more space in the front apron to scoop up an animal collected rather than
create roadkill combined with better design to absorb the impact energy?

This is all well and good with dogs but what about bigger animals?
In my part of the world a local farmer has decided to threaten everyone's
safety by exercising 'commoner's rights' to have a herd of 30 cows roaming
loose around open National Trust and local Golf Course land where they can
easily find their way onto derestricted unfenced roads and residential
housing areas and be a real menace/threat/danger.

They've only just turned up again in the past week and already x4 people
were injured in a RTA through a collision in a car. There isn't even any
unfenced animals signage in this particular area AFTER passing over cattle
grids FROM open moorland where sheep and wild ponies are still present yet
there is adequate sign posting to warn drivers on the OTHER SIDE OF THE

Talk about negligence and folly playing with people's safety in this age of
neurotic Health & Safety. It's been getting worse here every year and we've
personally suffered car broken mirrors and bodywork damage from bull
horns where they get stuck in small spaces near cars and a complete wall
being knocked down.

Mind, mark my words - somebody is going to die!

I nearly ploughed into a herd of black Fresian cows driving at night where
they were completely blocking a narrow derestricted road where I live. I
don't know how I managed to stop in time after clearing a bend and facing
a wall of cattle. Hit one of them and if you survive you'll likely never walk
though... :?

If there's one thing that really p!sses me off it's this ONE fella taking the
Mick and cheapskating his living whilst endangering everyone else. Odd -
I as likely everyone else would expect a herd of 30+ cattle and calves to
be found IN A FIELD!!!?? How quaint an idea...

Found googling; ... unter.html
They kill 10 and hurt 250 drivers

Motoring Editor

TEN drivers died and more than 250 were injured after hitting deer last year.

Damage to cars topped £11million, and the number of deer killed or wounded was an estimated 50,000.

The figures are believed to be the tip of the iceberg as research into the problem has only just begun.

Collisions are most likely in Greater London and the Home Counties, with heavy traffic and deer in a high percentage of woodland.

Other blackspots are East Anglia, Cumbria and parts of Scotland.

RAC spokesman Edmund King said: “These are worrying figures. Many accidents are also caused by drivers swerving to try to avoid hitting the deer.”

The RAC is backing the National Deer Collisions Project, which has a website to log incidents nationwide.