DS5 suspension

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Re: DS5 suspension

Post by GiveMeABreak » 06 Feb 2019, 23:30

Have a look at the new SUV range. C3 and C4 and DS7, of which some models will have the new hydraulic cushions for suspension Rick. Might be worth checking a few out and holding on until these come into the second hand market.

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Re: DS5 suspension

Post by qprdude » 06 Feb 2019, 23:54

I like the look of the ds7 marc, but by the time they get on the used market, my DS5 will be pretty much worthless!. I've a tight budget and the VW CC looks the business from Autotrader pics. The garage is litterally three minutes from my house. They bare looking for under £11000 so I'm tempted. I'd miss the hatchbak though. They also have a Skoda Octavia 2.0 VRS hatch, but it looks a bit to boy racerish for my taste. The garage is called "12 London Road"
in Horsell/Woking.

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Re: DS5 suspension

Post by FlorinB » 10 May 2019, 23:01

Last year I bought Sachs dampers for my DS5 and replaced the rear ones. Ride quality improved a bit, but not too impressed, managed to get rid of the awful noise from taking patholes with the back of the car. Later in the year I decided to replace the front ones as well with Bilstein B4. Got rid of the vibration on the wheel on uneven surfaces and also improved the ride quality a lot. I will replace the back ones (currently Sachs) with Bilstein B4 sometimes this year, because I'm very impressend on how Bilstein B4 works on the front of the car.
Need to mention that I have big 19' alloys, so probably with 18' or 17' and with Bilstein B4, the car would drive great and would be quite comfty.
I keep my tyre pressure at 2.5-2.6 on the front wheels and 2.2-2.3 on the back ones. If you go les on the front, like 2.3-2.4 the car becomes preety comfty but feels like a boat :)
Any questions, let me know.