savanna ABS

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savanna ABS

Post by stephen burch » 28 Oct 2004, 02:48

I have a 1991 renault 21 savanna GTX 2.0 injection. This model has discs on the back and whilst bleeding them the fluid came out for a while then stopped then started to back bleed every time the pedal was pressed. I bought the car with the ABS light permanently lit on the dash so i'm aware that it has a problem but can anyone tell me what and how to fix it?

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Post by arry_b » 28 Oct 2004, 04:23

Try a Gunsons Eezibleed, it uses the pressure in the spare tyre to force clean fluid through the system.
It'll be the best tenner you'll ever spend on brake tools, and stops you busting the master cylinder seals by pushing the pedal too far.