megan rear wiper

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megan rear wiper

Post by bricep59 » 27 Oct 2004, 03:19

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am having a problem whith my 99 megan 1.4 16v rear wiper is jerking all the time even when not turned on there doese not seem to be any relays just a control unit on the back of the fuse box i can hear a clicking from this unit when the wiper moves if i unplug this unit all sorts go wrong eg central locking hazards oil light imobilizer renault dealer wants £300 for a new one any help would be appreciated

Unky Si
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Post by Unky Si » 02 Nov 2004, 04:56

Make sure your reverse lights are working and the gearbox switch is ok, Meganes have a "one sweep" thingy when you engage reverse and this could be the problem. Also check the earth point behind the o/s/r light as this can cause problems too.