Laguna Relays

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Laguna Relays

Post by naiku » 25 Oct 2004, 18:13

Does anyone know which relay is which on a 1997 Laguna RT? I have the problem of intermittent wiper's not working too well, and the wiper just stopping anywhere on the screen instead or returning to the bottom. So after much research I think it's a relay problem (someone had the same problem on here with a Clio).
I can hear the relay clicking, but moving the dial to adjust the speed of the intermittent wipe does nothing. All the relays look the same and I can't find any idea of which is which.

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Post by TazzyK » 26 Oct 2004, 15:16

Yeah unfortunately all the relays that u can see look exactly the same and are not labelled. This might sound funny, but have you checked the tightness of the bolts securing the wiper arms on the spindle? if they are lose that will cause wipers to sort of get left in midway.
If not, and if the wiper intermittent adjustment thingy is having no effect, I suspect it will be the switch itself that is faulty so you might need to replace that stalk....mines nakes a funny noise during turning it, like an electric current so i guess mines might be on its way out too!

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Post by naiku » 26 Oct 2004, 16:08

See I have suspected the stalk for a while, but have read about it being a relay problem. At the same time if I can hear the relay clicking (in time with the intermittent wiper going) then I figured the relay is OK.
Well I swapped the stalk at the weekend, but still have the same problem. So that's one thing eliminated, now onto the relays.
Here is where I get stuck, when I look under the fusebox I can see 4 relays, 3 are purple and 1 is brown. I took the (purple) wiper relay into an auto spares place who told me that is not the right one, since it would be a multi pin relay for the speed control. The only relay that has more than 4 pins is the brown one, is that the relay I am looking for? If I pull it out the wipers still work, and the speed control does exactly the same........nothing! so can anyone let me know if there are more than those 4 relays? where are the other relays? and what roughly does the speed control one look like? both Haynes and Owners manuals are useless for this information.

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Post by stu76 » 11 Feb 2005, 17:59

I've just posted the same problem to yours (sorry I didnt see your post first). Did you manage to solve the problem? If so I'd be grateful to hear how you did it.
Cheers, Stu

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Post by naiku » 04 Mar 2005, 21:43

Never managed to fix it, at least not yet. So if you ever get any idea's then I am listening.

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Post by reblack68 » 04 Mar 2005, 22:48

The Clio owner solved the same problems by replacing a fuse, the parking and intermittent wipe functions seem to be on a different fuse from the actual wipers.