clio misfire - coil pack question??

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clio misfire - coil pack question??

Post by plateletboy » 21 Oct 2004, 19:14

Hi All,
I'm venturing out of my more usual VW forum here.......!
My girlfriends Clio R-reg, 1.2 biaritz, not sure which engine code. It has a really bad misfire on cylinder 3 - if i pull the HT it makes no difference. Intermittantly i can see a big orange spark inside what i figure is a 'coil pack' and next to the HT for cyl.3.
Is this the coil? its a large rectangular (~2"x3") thing with the 4 HT plugs set into what looks like an epoxy resin, on top back left of engine block. Is this the renix unit the GSF parts list mentions? if not can i get it from GSF??
any help suggestions much appreciated

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Post by beezer » 21 Oct 2004, 19:48

I am venturing away from diesel engines Plateletboy!
According to the 'book', a Clio 1.2 engine is a D7F which has two coils side by side on the right hand end of the camshaft cover. I would have thought that a faulty coil affecting no. 3 cylinder would also affect no. 2 as they use the same coil. Normal procedure is to remove the coil's multi plug and check the low tension circuit with a meter. Sparks...almost forgotten what they were...more used to chugging diesels!