Temp Gauge-RT Laguna 2.2 Diesel

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Temp Gauge-RT Laguna 2.2 Diesel

Post by abbaza » 12 Oct 2004, 18:27

Hi All
I am still having problems with the teperature gauge. I discovered that it goes up as soon as I switch somthing electrical, such as lights, fan or even the AC. I tend to think about somthing to do with the relay, but not sure. Any ideas?
PS. The cooling system works perfectly now that I changed the thermostat.

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Post by mikgram » 14 Oct 2004, 01:12

I had a Ford Granada that used to have the same problem when you turned on the lights the temperature gauge went right up it was the voltage regulator at the back of the speedo rev counter cluster if you have a manual for the Laguna it should tell you where it is and what it looks like