R19 D RN K reg probs & upgrades

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R19 D RN K reg probs & upgrades

Post by rbm » 29 Sep 2004, 06:55

stuck my car in for a MOT 3 weeks ago and i'm still working on it..... got most of it sorted but.....
the tester said that i've got a leak from my tank, but only when its running (it's been on the jack for 3 weeks and the ground is dry, so i guess it must be so) anybbody got any idea's before i start?
would it be worth changing the rear axle to a 16v one with rear discs? gotta change it anyway coz of the center bearing... [}:)]
and what would i have to do to stick a turbo from the TD on my none turbo 19D? anyone done that before?

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Post by reblack68 » 30 Sep 2004, 14:00

If you take the carpet out of the boot you'll find a cover that gives you access to the tank unit. If it only leaks when running it must be from one of the pipes in there, not necessarily from a bit you can see but it might give you an idea. The tanks can be troublesome on those.
I don't think it would be worth fitting a 16v axle. My mate had a 16V when they were quite new and he had no end of bother with the rear calipers and the handbrake. I think you'll have enough trouble finding a decent standard axle. The saloon and hatch ones are interchangable and they're dead easy to fit.
The best way to put a turbo on your car is to fit a complete engine. I haven't done it but I plan to if I ever find a TD for spares.