megane 1.9 diesel engine

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megane 1.9 diesel engine

Post by Jimech » 14 Aug 2004, 11:47

we have a N reg megane with a broken engine. The cam belt snapped (72,000 - may have been the original) and the engine jammed. It has been examined by the garage who have quoted figures of £1000. I'm not sure of the actual damage, and how much of that would just be in labour. does anyone have a cheaper repair solution - I was thinking of replacing the whole engine with a second hand one. anyone know of any 1.9 d engines, preferably near mildenhall in suffolk? if so are there any differences in the engines of different year meganes, or any other renaults with the same engine?
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Post by reblack68 » 14 Aug 2004, 15:42

Quite a lot of that will be labour but it still seems a little excessive to me. When an engine has suffered that kind of trauma you're right in thinking a whole new unit is the best bet.
The same engine can be found in a Renault Clio (old shape), 19, 21 (The 21 has 2 diesels- your one mounted transversely and a much bulkier one mounted longitudinally) and possibly Laguna. There are also versions of the Volvo 440 with the 1.9 Renault engine.
You'll save a lot of heartache later if you replace the clutch and timing belt on your new unit while it's out. It's also a good time to make sure everything is present and correct down the back of the engine. A five minute job when the engine's out can easily take a day when the engine's in.