K&N induction kit clio 1.4 spi

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K&N induction kit clio 1.4 spi

Post by boltos1 » 05 Aug 2004, 03:05

Hi, I'm looking to buy a K&N induction kit for my clio , it's a 1994 on a M ,1.4 spi. Can anyone tell me the K&N code for my car ? i belive it to be 57-0052. From what i've read there are two variations for the 1.4 spi , 2 screws in air box and 3 screws in air box , my car has 2 bolts securing the air box to the trottle body and 1 screw holding the two parts of the air box together. Would this mean i need the 2 "screw" version ?

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Post by lebesset » 07 Aug 2004, 15:52

don't do it ethel .concensus of opinion is that it is nowhere as effient as a quality standard air filter . if it was any good the manufacturers would make something similar and fit it