renault faulty hand brake

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renault faulty hand brake

Post by snappy.j » 31 Jul 2004, 19:43

I have just bought a renault trafic 100 dci and very nice it is.
Until that is when i got it home and parked it on my drive and
went inside 10 mins aprox and found the van half on to the road
although i had secured the hand brake and locked the doors.
My first thought was my wife was playing a practical joke.
This was not the case and i just put it down to one of those things.
Until one week later the same thing has happend again but because
of the position it went down at an angle and wedged itself against
a concrete fence post severely damaging the drivers door.
Needless to say i have reported this to the dealership.
And is due for inspection next week so i am trying to find out
if this handbrake problem exists so i can present some evidence in my
Can anybody please help.

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 01 Aug 2004, 00:39

It may help temporarily if you park the vehicle in gear. If the handbrake should fail at least there is the possibility that the gearbox will stop it rolling away.
Or place a house brick behind each rear wheel![:D][:D]