Espace brake failure?

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Richard Gallagher
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Post by Richard Gallagher » 13 Jul 2004, 03:04

Personally I would strongly suspect the master cylinder, the symptoms you describe are in keeping with it being past its 'sell by date'.
You could try bleeding the system and flushing it out, if possible use a pressure kit such as 'Gunsons' in order to make sure no air is trapped in the system, failing that then as above as far as I can see.

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Post by edd001 » 13 Jul 2004, 14:01

I have to agree, I would have said the master cylinder is shot.

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Post by arry_b » 15 Jul 2004, 16:35

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There is alsoa cyclical bearing type noise from teh nsf wheel. Which I hope is just a wwheel bearing. I was told to replace this first as this can sometimes cause spongy brakes.
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Sounds like one half of your split braking system has failed. However, it may be worth foing a full fluid flush and bleed if you haven't done so already. It could be something simple like a trapped air bubble, and the fluid will be past its best if its sat unused for a year.

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Post by arry_b » 31 Jul 2004, 02:02

Good place to start. Once you've sorted that amd pushed new fluid through (if you haven't got one get an eezibleed - very easy job) you may have a better pedal.

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Post by reblack68 » 05 Aug 2004, 00:13

A worn wheel bearing can cause long pedal travel. Play in the bearing can allow the disc to move, forcing the brake pads out. This leaves the brakes needing to take up the play before they can work. A loose driveshaft nut can cause the same thing.