clio braking problems

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clio braking problems

Post by dev2601 » 02 Jul 2004, 17:03

since buying my clio in march of this year (a '99 s reg 1.2 which, i have since been informed, is an import and therefore some parts are different) i have had problem after problem, the latest (after having just had to shell out to repair the damage due to a broken timing belt!) being with the brakes. after travelling 7 or 8 miles travelling constantly at over 50mph the brakes start to squeal (sounds more like an exotic bird really!) when travelling in a straight line or going to the right. depressing the brake pedal immediatelly stops the noise, as does turning to the left. together with the noise, the breaks begin to bind - not so much as to make driving difficult, but meaning that any attempt at real acceleration is futile. the brakes also, apparently arbitrarily, apply themselves very lightly at other times and for no real reason. at first i thought it was after heavy braking, but now i'm not so sure.
when i took it to my local garage, he suggested in was the servo and master cylinder, but that this would cost me so to be on the lookout for a second hand part. that i duly did, and now have in my possession the required part. however, another mechanic has since told me that he doubts it's the servo, and is more likely to be a problem with the callipers. since the servo change is such a big job, and i don't want a second hand part to replace a perfectly healthy part, i am reluctant to go ahead until i have a better idea of what the problem may be.
can anyone help me?!?!?!?!

Tom McGinniss
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Post by Tom McGinniss » 06 Jul 2004, 03:46

you could problems with play in the wheel bearings or slight run out (warped) front disks. Worth getting these checked - if not already done?

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Post by arry_b » 09 Jul 2004, 14:56

Use the car owners mantra ..... Cheapest thing first.
It sounds like a caliper problem to me (especially as French brake calipers tend to be poor anyway).
Strip them down and check that the pistons move freely (they likely will be so long as the rubber boots are in place and intact), then clean them up and copper grease all metal to metal contact points.
As Tom says, the wheel bearings sould like they could do with a slight adjustment.
Given that you've had a cambelt snap, the car doesn't sound brilliantly serviced so I'd be changing the brake fluid at the same time. This may help with your current problem, and definately will help to prevent future problems, especially with the rear brakes. If you can get the bleed nipples undone easily and DIY the caliper strip and fluid change this will cost you under a tenner and take a couple of hours.
One other thing to check is that your driving with the brakes binding hasn't worn the pads away or damaged a disk, again a cheap job if you DIY.
If you can't DIY, I suggest you have a chat with the mechanic you've spoken to rather than your local garage - they (IMO) seem to have wrongly diagnosed your problem and already cost you money for a servo that you didn't need.