Urgent!! For all mechanics - Megane starter motor*

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Urgent!! For all mechanics - Megane starter motor*

Post by charlie » 30 Jun 2004, 17:05

I am about to go and buy a starter motor for my Renault Megane as mine has died. I've found one at a breakers for £45 which I am happy to pay, but now have the challenge of fitting it...
My question is: Is it possible to replace the starter motor on a 1997 Renault Megane (1.6) without taking anything else off the engine?
The reason I ask this is because the starter motor is in possibly the most inconvenient place possible - under the engine, in the centre, about a foot up from the bottom of the engine - i.e. literally in the centre of the engine, but with the only access from below.[:(!]
Can I do this job on my own with basic tools and a standard jack?
Will I require 'specialist' tools?
Will I need a ramp/lift-thing/inspection bay to do the job properly?
What do I need to do to replace the starter motor? (At the moment, disconnect the battery, jack the car up, get underneath, find the three (?) bolts holding it in place, undo them, take off old starter motor, put on new one, reconnect everything, start engine with no hassle - is this as simple as it seems?!?!)[?]
Please help as I need to collect starter motor and have it fitted by 4 this afternoon...[:0]