Erratic Fuel Gauge

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Erratic Fuel Gauge

Post by TazzyK » 21 Jun 2004, 14:58

Laguna 1997 (1.8 petrol)....
The fuel gauge is very rhythmic...It goes all the way down when i'm driving off, but then stabilises on a smooth road..hitting a bump causes it to fluctuate again.
Could this be the gauge itself or the sender unit (which i believe is part of the fuel pump itself?)
Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Post by grahamedriver » 24 Jun 2004, 02:01

How quickly does it go down?
About the same speed as it does when you turn the key off?
If so you have probably nothing more serious than a bad connection.
On the other hand.... the bad connection might be inside the fuel gauge or sender itself. Have you tried tapping all the various bits to see if can recreate the fault?

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Post by TazzyK » 24 Jun 2004, 18:01

Thanks GrahameDriver, however, the needle doesn't go down with the ignition switched of it just stays at the last reading which is ok because thats how its meant to be.
In regards to recreating the movement, well yes, any motion in the car, i.e. rocking effect will move the needle but only with the ignition on or the car started. NOT with the car switched off.
Any further ideas please?

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Post by timbo » 11 Oct 2004, 01:49

Mine jumps about flicking up and down, the only time it's stable is when the ignition is turned off my temp neadle takes forever to move if at all,hope someone has some answers ?
Tim 1997 18RT

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Post by ljaw2002uk » 03 Apr 2005, 21:32

I just sold my 1997 RN 1.8, but it always did the same thing. Sometimes it would pretend to be out of fuel when there was over a 1/4 of a tank.