Renault 5 GT Turbo Rear wheel bearings!!

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Tom McGinniss
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Renault 5 GT Turbo Rear wheel bearings!!

Post by Tom McGinniss » 14 Jun 2004, 21:59

Help - Have no end of problems with "new" rear wheel bearings for above car.
To date - I have fitted no less than 3, each from a different supplier: Europarts,GSF and Renault all have far to much play when torqued to the value stated in the manual (118 lb/ft)even at near 190 lb/ft they still have excessive play!!
The old ones (not worn - replaced as i needed new rear disks) are perfect at 118 lb/ft.(made by SNR, as are two of the new ones)
Help - checked everything 3 times over (been working on cars for years) the feeling on the Renault Turbo Owners site is; this is down to poor quality bearings - find this hard to understand!!

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Post by mikgram » 15 Jun 2004, 20:31

three different bearings from three different suppliers to me it sounds like either the wrong bearing -older or newer model or that your hub is worn maybe packing the hub with grease before fitting the
bearing would help.


Post by philhoward » 18 Jun 2004, 19:52

Is there another bearing track to replace as well? Bearings are matched to their tracks; replacing just one half sometimes mean that they don't sit right.

Tom McGinniss
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Post by Tom McGinniss » 23 Jun 2004, 23:05

Bearings are self contained and sealed for life (just drive the new unit into place)
Renault tell me they are all like this now!
As all the previous ones (problem ones) are SNR i have now bought yet another one from a different suppler! not fitted yet.
The bearing suppler thinks it's not a problem with the bearings but some where else. Possibly wear on the stub axle.
Or the torque figure has changed?