starting probs

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starting probs

Post by peteds » 06 May 2004, 14:35

i have an 1999 laguna turbo diesel dti {my fault i know}. when i try and start the car in the morning, i use the glow glow-plugs ect, but it takes about 20-30 mins to finally fire up!!?? once it's started, it runs fine, no missing or any lack of power, i could be driving for 30 mins or seven hours, pull over, turn it off, nip into the shops for 30 secs, get into the car and then takes 10 mins to start again!!!??? i have sofar spent £550 at garages, for them to say "THAT'S A GOOD ONE" I hope somebody my have some ideas, and yes, a lamppost at 70mph, is a good idea!!! but not really safe!!!

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Post by mikgram » 08 May 2004, 20:38

ìt may be that your problem lies with the board computer or electronic sensors DTI`s have a lot of electronics ,the pump is controlled electronically you will have a cold start sensor and a warm start sensor .start with the basics visually check for leaks ,when did you last change the fuel filter,is the air filter blocked ? are the glow plugs actually in working order,check the wiring around the glow plugs is the earth tight.
when you try and start it in the morning if it takes 10-20 mins to start is it blowing out a lot of black smoke? if not then the diesel is not getting into the engine. Someone at my work was having difficulty starting his Dec 1999 astra 2ltr dti replaced the glow plugs no better . turned it was the Cold start sensor.

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Post by waynedl99 » 14 Jul 2006, 18:29

It doesn't sound like glow plugs to me, because once engine is warm, you should be able to turn it off and on without using the glow plugs, if it was plugs it'd start straight up so it's not that.
Woudln't have thought cold sensor, as again, it'd start when warm.
I'd say ECU, if you have a mate with same car, try their ecu.