Query from Wife ... Jiggly Megane Gearstick

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Stuart McB
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Query from Wife ... Jiggly Megane Gearstick

Post by Stuart McB » 24 Apr 2004, 00:55

Stuart's wife here - I'm looking for some help:
I've only ever driven two Meganes - one a 2001 1.6 Dynamique + Cabriolet, the other a 2.0 litre version - and only for about 15 minutes each on test drives. I've bought the 2.0 Cab
I noticed on both that the gearsticks were wobbling all over the place whilst in gear and in fact commented on it but as I was at a non-Renault dealership the guy just shrugged.
Should the gearstick have a mind of its own or is there a problem?
I often (slap wrists) drive with my hand resting on the gearstick. I'd hate to get all "unnecessary" with the jiggling about [:I]
Would this actually be a problem on such a relatively young car, or has this been a problem from the word go for the Megane? The car has only covered c. 23,000 miles.

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Post by grattsim » 24 Apr 2004, 02:36

My laguna is getting the same way, would be interesting to known quite whats going on, I would say though that its not usual and that there is a problem somewhere.