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Post by mikgram » 02 May 2004, 15:38

If the rubber boot round the end of the driveshaft is leaking fix it
ASAP if the driveshaft dries out you will have to replace it if its
leaking on the gearbox side there will be a rubber oil seal with a metal ring on the inside , for that you`ll have have to pull the wheel hub off

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Post by grattsim » 02 May 2004, 16:37

Thanks I will have a look. How difficult is it to replace the oil seal? Removing the hub isnt to bad.

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Post by TazzyK » 04 May 2004, 16:04

Personally, Kwik Fit are sh!t for tracking...I've been back to them a number of times and the tracking is NEVER 100%..the car either wonders or the staeering is miles off-centre!! For some strange reason, they are adamant on leaving the engine running. Obviously with newer cars having power-steering ad the fact that the front tyre are placed on 'plates' there will be excessive movement...probably why they can't track properly.
However, if all air pressures are correct and the alignment seems to check spot on to, the only other thing (or so I've been told) it could be is that one of your rear wheels (or both) are not sitting on the car how they should be when the car was manufactured. This could be due to an earlier accident or kerbing. As your front wheels are set using your rear wheels as aguide, the reading may seem true, but tracking could still be out due to the misalaignment of the rear wheels. Only way to check is by dealers I think, or places that do Four-Wheel Tracking.
Hope this helps.