Renault 19 leaded or unleaded fuel?

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Renault 19 leaded or unleaded fuel?

Post by vniksic » 01 Apr 2004, 02:32

I've bought a Renault 19, 1.4 litres. The car was manufactured 1990.
They guy I bought it from told me to pour leaded fuel in it. However,
the leaded fuel is almost gone on all the gas stations... Someone told
me that it's perfectly fine to pour unleaded fuel, and that it will
work just fine. Unfortunately, I don't have the car's manual, so I
can't look it up there. Are there any possible ill effects if I use
unleaded fuel with this car?

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Post by alanmcc64 » 18 May 2004, 03:48

I used to have a 1989 1.4. As far as I am aware, all of the range from this date onwards run on unleaded. Mine certainly did and it was an older model than yours