1.9 rtd Laguna Turbo HELP

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pele woodhall
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1.9 rtd Laguna Turbo HELP

Post by pele woodhall » 31 Mar 2004, 03:23

i have just had to fit a new turbo on my renault 98 model. i have driven it around for a couple of days and then was on the motorway coming back home doing a steady 70 when i lost all power. The car still drives but there is a lack of power. Have i had a dodgy turbo fitted and its gone again or could it be something else??
how will i know if its the turbo again??
any views welcome so i know what to say when i take it back to the garage tomorrow.

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Post by reblack68 » 01 Apr 2004, 02:33

It sounds like something external has come adrift.
My mate had a similar experience in a SAAB 9000 Turbo and it turned out that the actuator rod had come away from the waste gate, it only took a circlip to restore full power.

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Post by JohnnyM » 07 May 2004, 20:05

I had the same problem with my 1.9 DTI 1998 yesterday. travelling at 70 mph I heard a bang and lost power, there was also smoke billowing out. I thought the head gasket had blown because there was a yellow residue in the coolant expansion tank but my mate says its the turbo. I chugged to my mates home - so for my own curiosty did your car have any similar affects?

pele woodhall
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Post by pele woodhall » 29 Jun 2004, 14:14

the problem ended up being there is a air filter that kicks in the engine management system this had gone down. this is on the main air intake pipe. as soon as air passes over it it is set to kick in the turbo. as soon as this was changed running ok again. beware the part is expensive check scrapyards first you may be able to get it loads cheaper.
once smoke comes out that sounds like turbo has blown i had that but loss of power with no smoke is above.

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Post by Mosser » 04 Jul 2004, 17:09

Sounds like it was the airflow sensor (MAF sensor) that died, i had 2 go on my Seat Leon and they cost around £200 each!!, not cheap, dont ever try cleaning one as the thin wire inside is damaged very easily and they are supposed to clean themselves every time you switch off the engine