Coolant leak

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Coolant leak

Post by JohnR » 29 Mar 2004, 18:46

Can anyone advise. I have a Clio 1.2 (think e type engine). I have found a coolant leak at the front of the engine where the straight plastic or metal pipe which goes into the block ( presume water pump)and connects up the rubber hoses. Is this a push fit . Is it just a seal and if so can I purchase without buying a water pump if that is where it goes in. How simple a job is it?

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Post by mdh_74 » 02 Apr 2004, 03:15

i am about to deal with the exact same problem for a friend, i believe you can buy the seal, and also the pipe, the pipes is about £25, but i also need advice on how to do the job, and if it is a push fit etc

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Post by jeffo » 02 Apr 2004, 14:13

I too had this coolant leak problem and spent several hours trying to seal it with Jubilee clips etc. The problem is in the short steel pipe connecting the block to the hose and my local garage was able to supply and fix it OK. There are at least two places where this can happen so beware!