Renault Trafic Drive Shafts

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Renault Trafic Drive Shafts

Post by javery » 26 Mar 2004, 17:36

Can anyone offer me some guidance on replacing an outer drive shaft boot on a 1997 Traffic van (2165cc five speed)I can strip down and release the shaft outer end and the joint but cannot see how to remove the joint to replace the boot also unable to find relevant handbook/ it possible by a reasonably skilled diy person...any advice much appreciated
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Post by Homer » 31 Mar 2004, 04:10

Guessing a bit from my experiences with other cars.
Usually these are secured with a captive spring clip. Simply tap the joint with a mallet around where the driveshaft goes in. It is easier with the driveshaft completely off the vehicle.
Make sure you have a couple of spare spring clips before you start putting it back together. You are bound to break the first one.

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Post by lochar_Lady » 09 Oct 2004, 04:43

There is a workshop manual for the Trafic with 2165 c.c. engine available from Peter Russek Manuals. It has just been published.