94 Clio bad starter

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94 Clio bad starter

Post by chappie » 22 Mar 2004, 16:49

The Problem: When starting from cold the car won't start quickly as usual. When she finally does take then she stutters, and you have to 'jiggle' the throttle until she starts to rev something like normal. Then if you try to pull away the engine dies until you dip the clutch and put a lot more revs on than usual to get power.
Once warm, the engine is fine.
She has had a'full' service with cam belt change, rotor arm and distributor cap replaced. Has had little effect.
Could the ht leads be worn out? They seem loose, and after the service we had to return the car twice to get the caps tightened up as they popped off.

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Post by RichardW » 22 Mar 2004, 17:34

Coolant temperature sensor - has been reported as problematic on other forums. Don't know specifics for this car / enegine, but shouldn't cost too much to change out. Mind you, if your mechanic has not thought of this, perhaps it's time you found another...??