JE0L 2.0i 16v Inlet Manifold and Throttle Body

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JE0L 2.0i 16v Inlet Manifold and Throttle Body

Post by mickc » 30 Sep 2017, 12:44

Phase 3 Grand Espace 2002 JE0L 2.0i 16v
Fast idle problem so trying to access the IACV.
Please could someone point me to photos of Inlet Manifold and Throttle Body removal, rear view, particularly location of bolts? Engine is in situ so working blind here. 7 torx bolts removed from top. Coil packs and wiring removed. Was hoping to find an archived thread but to no avail. Help would be much appreciated. Renault manual on CD less than helpful, especially as it suggests engine removal and/or removal of exhaust manifold. Thanks.

Some photos so you can see how far I've got with my "test-bed" car. I think I may have found 2 horizontal bolts in through the back of the exhaust manifold heatshield that may be something to do with it, but they're a pig to get at.