Renault Master 2007 diesel priming

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Renault Master 2007 diesel priming

Post by johnmowcop » 10 Sep 2017, 10:36

Quick update.

Having examined this further. With engine running I can see that the problem appears to be air being sucked into the system at the priming bulb, I can see air bubbles between the bulb and the filter and in the line from the filter to the engine.

Just ordered a replacement priming bulb off ebay, I will keep you advised of the outcome once installed.


At the last service of my motorhome, Lunar based upon the Master. The garage said that they had trouble bleeding the system after a diesel filter change. He said the next time they would have to replace the priming pump and pipe work.

After I got it back it started ok but not instantaneously has it did before, now after 2k miles it starts then cuts out. Crank it over a while it will then start. After a few blips of the throttle it settles down to run normally. Stop it and it does the same thing again.

I would guess it is "making air" in the system. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Is it easy enough to replace the priming pump and pipework.

What do I need to buy.