clio idle speed

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clio idle speed

Post by markxant » 15 Feb 2004, 20:05

hi all clio 1.4 rt when starting from cold idles at 15/20 rpm last couple of days idles at 30 rpm does anyone know what speed it should idle on start up?.Always starts first time and idles at 10/11rpm when warm havent touched anything in engine but changed air filter 3 weeks ago any advise would be great thanks

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Post by BOSSMAN » 04 Mar 2004, 04:00

1,4 CLIO ..
This car has 1390cc S/P engine it uses RENIX managment system
cold tickover 1500rpm --- hot 900rpm or very near, cannot be adjusted computer havent given enough info ,you may have disturbed something on throttle body ,[under filter ], vacuum pipes or plugs,check here first