Megane 99, start problem.

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Megane 99, start problem.

Post by Murt » 10 Jan 2004, 03:30

Hi all,
3 or 4 weeks ago, just when the first heavy snow came the car hopped and spitted like it was in a too high gear a bit at the start, a warning lamp (orange like a jaggedy electrical line) came on and it was suddenly fine and soon enough the lamp went off, no problem.
A few days later it happens again but the problem (hopping and spitting) vanishes as soon as the lamp comes on. I can also make out a thumping sound at the back right of the car as im driving, like something opening and closing.
This becomes a regular thing as the days go by, start car, hops and spits, lamp comes on and stays on and the car goes fine. In the end the lamp is on constantly.
2 days ago i have a porblem starting but it works eventually, then today it just wouldnt start[:(]
Any ideas?

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Post by alanmcc64 » 18 May 2004, 03:52

sounds like the coil packs