My Performance Upgrade Routine Tips

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My Performance Upgrade Routine Tips

Post by deeem » 09 Jan 2004, 18:20

If you guys are interested about tuning your car and bringing a bit of life into it then these few tips might help, for all you engine tuners stop here you probably already know this...
1. Start with an Induction Kit (K&N or Green Cotton or pretty popular ones, this will allow more air to flow through the engine increasing the air to fuel ratio, enabling your engine to BREATH better.
2. Allowing more air flow into the engine also must be released somewhere. A nice sports exhaust (powerflow system) would help here.
3. Once you have these 2 upgrades your car will roar like polar bear on heat. These should give a gain ranging from about 15-25+ (estimate) BHP.
4. There is also a nice piece of a equipment called a power boost valve, your car will have standard version valve which as far as I know controls the amount of fuel going through it. Once installed you can take it to your local rolling road for them to set it for ya.
5. If you have an engine thats worth tuning then work up to getting the cams done, boring the pistons or something like that which costs serious money.
Cheapest way I think, to get more power is to lighten the car, get rid of back seats, spare wheel, electric windows, sunroof and mirrors etc.
Kind of defeats the purpose of owning my "family car" but any serious modder out there would consider this.
Anyway, Have fun modding and tuning....