Espace stiff clutch

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Post by alan s » 09 Jan 2004, 03:02

It's just a thought, but I had a CX years ago that was somewhat similar. It turned out to be simply dryness in the shafts at the pedal box and hence, pedal stiffness was somewhat dependent on the weather. They used a system of shaft within shaft within shaft and the only way it was fixed was to remove the pedal box & do a total strip down, clean & free up, lubricate & reassemble....great job and keeps you out of the pub all day.[V]
Another famous trap on the CXs too was the clutch pedal return spring that was fitted reverse to what you would expect. It was originally fitted with a downward pressure strangely enough & if refitted upwards (which common sense would dictate) you ended up with an extremely heavy clutch & if you were anywhere from 5'8" upwards, almost knocked your front teeth out with your knee every time you changed gears.[:0][B)]
As I say, not Renault but points that may be worthy of note as the French seem to have a habit of following certain design principles.
Alan S