savanna 21 abs intermittent light

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savanna 21 abs intermittent light

Post by johnr2723 » 14 Dec 2003, 03:37

My brother owns the 93-94 L reg rt model and is having problems with the abs light. Some days it does not come on at all , other days the lights continually on.He was told to change his front tyres which he did and
strangly enough for 2 days the light was ok (any one know why) or was it coincidence. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks

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Post by arry_b » 14 Dec 2003, 04:07

Have a look at the wiring to the front sensors. Clean the connections with some switch cleaner. Clean the sensors externally as well as the toothed wheel. I suspect someone wobbled the wires to the sensors when they changed the tyres and it made a good connection for a short while.