Mega miles.

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Stuart McB
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Mega miles.

Post by Stuart McB » 03 Dec 2003, 01:11

Sorry for this but thought I should let you know. Recently went to Tunisia for my holidays. Now me and the wife caught a taxi of a very old peugeot range probably from the 1970's. Not happy with the clanging from the back end on our return journey to the hotel we decided to stick to a more modern vehicle. so we ended up hailing a Renault Kangoo. Vey clean both in side & out with the driver taking care to avoid all pot holes and various road hazards. Now to my amazement I noticed that the milometer was showing that this vehicle had covered 324,000 kilometers and the driver assured me that it was only 18 months old. Now even I know that works out to about 19666k's a month, 655k's a day. Would this be possible I mean 655k a day??

alan s
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Post by alan s » 04 Dec 2003, 05:59

These days I couldn't see that being a real hard figure to achiev.
About 25 years ago I lived in a Town with a population of around 40 - 50,000 and in those days it was lucky to be 10 miles between boundaries also the pubs closed at 10pm and weren't open on Sundays, in fact hardly anything was opned on Sundays, there was a fairly good bus & train system and we had heaps of taxis and most knocked off at about midnight until 6 am, they ran a roster where only a couple worked through the night.
In those days it was considered that 100 - 110,000 MILES (180 - 200,000 klms) was an average cabbies annual mileage.
These days with all night venues, and 3 am closes, new suburbs covering more than double the area it was back then as well as cabs often working 3 X 8 hour shifts, I couldn't imagine that mileage being a real problem at all.
In all honesty though; it is a hell of a lot of miles for any vehicle in such a short space of time when you look at it.
Alan S