My Old laguna has a few wee problems

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My Old laguna has a few wee problems

Post by Iain Park » 03 Dec 2001, 21:42

Hi All,
Okay, I have a Renault 2.2rt D. It has covered 157,000m and has a complete Renault history, every 6,000 miles. It has had a lot work done in the past all by Renault.
Recently, I have had a rubbing noise sounding. The quicker I travel, the louder it gets. It ease's off completely if I steer to the left but gets worse if i steer to the right or in a straight line. Is the weel bearings?
How difficult is it to change a pre-tensioner on the alternator belt? I understand that there are three to chosse from - one of mine needs changing as when the car is idling the belt rattles somewhat.
Any help would be appreciated.